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We started as a result of an Open University project asking students to design a secondary use for a recycled piece of home ware.  Using a concept taken from a tomato planter designed to water plants over a long period of time and a candle holder made from a wine bottle the idea was born.  After a great deal of trial and error (it seems that cutting bottles reliably is not quite as easy as it may seem).  The original concept involved selling houseplants around craft fairs throughout East Anglia and this is what we did.  After a year during the quiet period for craft fairs it was felt that a new idea was needed.

Having studied hydroponics during my degree I have always been very interested in its application and the potential for maximising yields from a decreasing quantity of farming land.  With this in mind we set about trying to design a kit that would enable people to see the practical uses of hydroponics in their own home. Having experimented with some rapid sprouting micro greens we soon hit upon herbs as giving the optimum yield for the space available within a wine bottle. This meant that all that was left was designing a way in which the kit could be contained within a single bottle and ready for sale.  After a few more practice runs we settled upon our present design, we're really rather proud of it and we hope that it will serve you well.


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